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Da 638 indicate reason abbreviations Form: What You Should Know

A detailed list of ranks at each level (if applicable). 2. A list of each unit's final awards and their corresponding grades. 3. The award record of your unit, including the date received by the Unit's commanding general; DA Form 638. E.E. F/AA-05, General Orders, U.S. Army FOR ENSURING QUALITY ORDERING AND COMPLETENESS, If a commander chooses to include additional documents, the items in the DA Form 638 (recommender) and the General Order (completed by the commended commander's staff) may be attached  to the DA Form 648 (Recommendation for Requesting Retirement). E.F.G. G.I.N.C.A.E.S RANK ORDER INSTRUCTION, U.S. Army FOR AUTHORIZING RETIREMENT OF A CHIEF ELDER (a) The rank of lieutenant colonel must accompany the original document;  (b) If a staff sergeant will be the next to retire, attach the staff sergeant's recommendation to the form  (c) If other soldiers will be promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel and will qualify for retirement under this section, a copy of the general order must be included, and if the rank is to be a four-star lieutenant colonel, a copy  of the general order must also accompany the form. E.S.D. RANK AND AGE OF THE COMMANDER, U.S. Army, G-3 DA Form 653, Recommendation For Award DA Form 653, Recommendation For Award DA Form 5313, Recommendation For Award, Filling out the same documents that you  used for your letter of recommendation DAAE-10, General Orders, U.S. Army FOR AUTHORIZING RETIREMENT OF A JUDGE (a) The letter for retirement, the recommended retiree's request, and the approval  signature of the officer in charge from whom the letter was obtained. DA Form 653 instructions for retiree who receives a letter of recommendation for retirement DA Form 669-A, Notice of Decorations, U.S.

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Instructions and Help about Da 638 indicate reason abbreviations

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