DA 638 2006 - 2019
DA 638 2006 - 2019

DA Form 638 2006-2019

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DA 638 is a sample, used in the army by the soldiers who want to recommend someone for an award. The sample cannot be used to apply for a valor, heroism or wartime awards. Award recommendation form in APR 2016 version can be applied for flagged soldiers or those who are under the Retiree Recall Program. The user may complete this template using the multi-purpose toolkit. No need to browse the blank sample from the Internet and print it on paper. It is much easier to fill out the digital documents and spend less time and money. The best thing is that PDF files are edited without any additional transformations. Thanks to that, there is no need to convert templates to a word. The DA 638 fillable sample is also available on PDFfiller website.


DA form 638 instructions


To fill out a recommendation for award successfully the user should follow the next instructions:


  1. First of all, it is necessary to open the DA form 638 fillable in the editor. The customer can upload the template from the internal storage of his device or with a link. The document can also be requested by another person with the help of “Request document” feature.
  2. You may also connect to the cloud storage or third-party connection profile and the system will add the template to your profile.
  3. If the document contains fillable fields they will be identified automatically.
  4. You can also complete a template without included fields. Add them with the help of the text tool or “Add fillable fields” tab.
  5. The user may include in the document such fields as signature, data, dropdown menu, text, numbers.
  6. Begin with the name of the applicant and the person to be awarded. Also, the rank, previous awards, a branch of service and recommended awards are to be provided.
  7. Type in the position and rank of awardee and kind of relations between applicant and him.
  8. Enumerate every achievement provide all the concrete details.
  9. Sign the application with the help of the signature wizard. Draw a signature with your mouse or touchpad and add it to a document.
  10. Download newly edited document to the computer or save it as word or PDF.


Note, that the application can be completed by any individual who is senior in grade or/and observed the action or was provided with the relevant information from the person who saw it.


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