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Da 638 Fillable 2017-2022 Form: What You Should Know

DA Form 638  form and sends it off for review at the Commanding Officer level. Once it is determined that the soldier deserves an award, the recommendation is assigned a DA 454. The recipient of the award will use it to accept an award from the Army. DA Form 638 for Army Award is submitted via e-mail to: C2S/GAS/Maj./Brig. Gen. James H. Holmes Army General Officer Commanding HQ Joint Base Lewis-McChord Washington C2S/GAS/Maj./Brig. Gen. James H. Holmes e-mail: jams.houselensgmail.com The Army General Officer Commanding (C2S/GAS/Maj.) handles personnel matters.  I just sent it off, I'll see if I get a response in a few days. I don't see anything at the moment, so I might have to wait a few days. When I have a response, I'll post it. Thank you for your patience! Please allow up to 4 weeks for the recommendation to be approved! I hope this information is helpful! I'm still learning how to go about the form itself, and I've got a lot of things to think about.

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FAQ - Da 638 Fillable 2017-2022

What does SVC mean on DA Form 638?
How do you recommend someone for an award in the Army?
Recommendations for awards for heroism or valor must contain witness statements, preferably in the form of affidavits or sworn statements. If possible recommendations should be supported by official records, maps, photographs, etc. Block 21. For an AAM, ARCOM, or MSM, enter the citation.
Where do I download DD Forms?
The Official DoD Website for DoD Forms (Use Edge or Chrome) DoD Directives. Administrative Instructions.
What is a 4187 Army form?
What is a DA Form 4187? A DA Form 4187 will be used by the Department of the Army. This particular form is known as a Personnel Action form. It is used by a soldier who wants to request a personnel action on their own behalf. This could include training, reassignment, extra rations, name changes, and more.
What is the current DA 31 form?
A DA 31 form is used by the Department of the Army. The form is a Request and Authority for Leave form that a member of the Army must use if they want to request leave. This could be a personal leave such as for traveling or vacations, or an emergency leave due to family medical treatment or other emergency situations.
What form are for awards Army?
A DA 638 is a US Army form used to recommend a soldier for an award. This form is appropriate in most cases except for recommendations for awards for heroism, valor, or wartime, which require a separate process for recommendation.
What is DA Form 638 used for?
A fillable DA 638 form is used by the US Army. It is completed when a higher ranking soldier wishes to recommend another for an award. This form requires information about the soldier who should be considered for the award as well as information about the particular office making the recommendation.
How do I access DA form 31?
0.11 2.07 Learn How to Fill the DA Form 31 Request and Authority for Leave YouTube Start of suggested clip End of suggested clip The first section of DA Form 31. Found in the top right corner of the document. Will ask for yourMoreThe first section of DA Form 31. Found in the top right corner of the document. Will ask for your control. Number once you have filled out your appropriate.
Who signs block 22 on DA Form 638?
Block 22. Staff Section Admin Clerk should sign and date verifying individual is eligible for the recommended award.
How do I fill out a DA form 638?
0.18 2.19 Learn How to Fill the DA form 638 Recommendation for Award YouTube Start of suggested clip End of suggested clip Must first identify in boxes 1 through 3 the military member who would receive the award theMoreMust first identify in boxes 1 through 3 the military member who would receive the award the recommending military member their contact information and the date part.
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